A Calendar That’s More Than a Reference

AltCal is designed to help you manage every snippet of scheduling information that comes your way. Highlight text from emails, import screenshots, images and attachments. Use the autocomplete features to easily fill in business information and contact details.


Commit to a Schedule when you’re ready.

Review the options for a given time and decide what you want to schedule. Share your calendar with family and friends to stay on track and avoid conflicts. Store meeting links, access details and create notes. Stylize your events with images and view them as glossy pages. Choose what information is essential to your event and the AltCal templates will do the rest.

Reduce Stress & Find Personal Time

Scheduled people are successful people which means you’ll find more time to prioritize your moments of self-care. Simply tag your event status and it will be docked and ready for you to take action.

Stop searching your inbox, text stream & notes

Save everything you need about an event, appointment, or idea. Never go back to your notes or emails for links dates and times, because they will all be saved in one place. When you’re ready to make them a scheduled event, it’s as simple as tap and save.

Life is more than a meeting

AltCal helps you manage appointments, classes, and invitations with video, chat, and scheduling so that your agenda can be a work in progress. Create place holders for places to go, people to meet and things to do. It’s a reliable way to keep track of all the things you care about; even when they don’t have a set date and time.

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Time to live this life

AltCal is an all-in-one multi-tasker that speeds up your daily planning.


The New AltCal 2023 is a modern calendar app that delivers a daily schedule, lifestyle agenda, family planner, and personal productivity all in one organized display.

  • Think about your time in a different way.
  • Share your calendars.
  • Stay in touch with others.
  • Plug in your ideas; even without a date.
  • Create events with multiple days and dates.
  • Maintain Total privacy.

AltCal helps you save the things you care about, so you can do more everyday.
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The One Page Color Format helps each day run smoothly.

  • A 24 hour day is displayed as an open format which allows you to plan outside of a box.
  • No more limits of time boxes and grids. 
  • Design your day view with colorful images, notes.
  • Invite others to join your schedule, stay in the know, or join a specific moment.

The daily planner pages have simple to use design with voice and tap touch features to map locations, upload invitations, school schedules, kids activities, fitness plans, meal recipes, images and screenshots for you to manage in a central feed which can be shared at any time.

AltCal is free. Premium content and enhanced features will be available in future releases

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